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Alumni Relations
ULM Database Information Policy
This policy outlines the proper procedure to request and use information from the ULM alumni database. [details]
Athletic Director
Fant-Ewing Message Board
Guidelines on the use of the Fant-Ewing Message Board, located in front of Fant-Ewing Coliseum. [details]
Athletic Operations
AT001.1 Game/Match Contract Authorization Policy
Athletic Department Policy regarding athletic game, match and tournament contracts. [details]
AT002.1 Athletic Home Game Complimentary Ticket Policy
The Athletic Home Game Complimentary Ticket Policy defines the specific individuals eligible to receive complimentary tickets as well as the disbursement and tracking of the complimentary tickets. [details]
Athletic Event Contract Template
The Athletic Event Contract Template is to be used to define and confirm the arrangements made for holding an athletic event between ULM and a visiting university. [details]
ULM Athletic Team Travel Policy
Athletic Team Travel guidelines and exceptions. [details]
Auxiliary Administration
Campus Mail Charges
Description of procedures on monthy charge backs to departments for bulk mail, postage due, business reply and meter mail charges. [details]
Copy/Print/Mail Policy and Procedures
The Copy/Print/Mail policy and procedures outlines and defines the university's policy and procedures on how campus departments obtain copy, print and/or mail services for university-related printed materials. [details]
University Conference Center Policy and Procedures
This document explains the policy and use procedures of the University Conference Center. [details]
University House Rental Policy and Procedures
This document provides information on the policy and procedures regarding the use and rental of the University House. [details]
Business Affairs Office
BA004.1 Fundraising Policy for Employees, Departments and Units
ULM's Fundraising Policy for Employees, Departments and Units establishes the appropriate fundraising protocols and practices for university employees, departments and units. [details]
ULM Records Management Policy
policy for records management and retention [details]
College of Arts, Education, & Scien
KXUL Radio Policy Statement
The University of Louisiana at Monroe policy statement for radio station KXUL, including the purpose, administration, membership, organization, programming policies, and funding. [details]
College of Health & Pharmaceut Sci
COHS Policies and Procedures Manual
College of Health Sciences Policies and Procedures Manual [details]
OT Department Complaint Procedures
Policies and procedures for students who have complaints regarding the OT Department or the OTA Program. [details]
Cash Handling Policy and Procedures - Interim Policy
This policy outlines the University rules and procedures for the proper handling of cash, including the responsibilities of University employees involved in the cash handling process. Cash is defined as currency, coin, check, money order, travelers check, credit card, or debit card. [details]
Centralized Cash Management and Investment Policy - Interim Policy
University of Louisiana at Monroe has developed a centralized cash management system to meet the following objectives: provide funds as needed for operations of the University, generate maximum investment income with complete safety of investment,centralize banking activities and provide information to meet management needs of the University [details]
CO001.2 Travel Card/CBA Policy
This policy provides information on how to obtain and use a Travel Card or a Cardless Billing Account (CBA) for specific travel expenses associated with authorized University Travel. [details]
Drop Policy, New (Effective Fall 2011)
Effective with the Fall 2011 semester, this new drop policy will enable the University to operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible, with regards to students' intent to enroll. [details]
Late Payment Fee Policy
Students will not be dropped for non-payment; however, students with a balance after the fee payment deadlines will be charged a late payment fee. [details]
Leave of Absence Without Pay for Unclassified Employees & Faculty Policy
Leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees for good cause. Such leaves will be approved based upon the ability of the granting department to continue to provide on-going and necessary services. Employees may be required to take any part or all of accrued annual, sick, and/or compensatory leave prior to being granted leave without pay depending on the reason. [details]
Long Distance Telephone Policy
Long distance telephone usage is for ULM business purposes only. A personal phone call log document is linked from the policy, and available on the Controller's Office forms page. [details]
New Drop Policy
This new drop policy, effective as of Fall 2011 semester, replaces any old existing policies, including the late payment policy prior to the fall semester. [details]
Non-Resident Alien Tax Policy
For Federal Income tax purposes, non-citizens of the United States are classified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as either RESIDENT or NONRESIDENT aliens. Non-citizens of the United States are required to have a valid VISA classification before payments are made. Before a non-citizen of the United States is paid as an employee (wages), or non-employee (honoraria, scholarships and fellowship grants); residency status has to be determined. The IRS has two tests for residency status: the green card test and the substantial presence test. [details]
Payroll Vouchers Policy & Procedures (Including Overload & Casual Wage Labor)
Process established in the Payroll Office for Overload, Overtime Payroll Vouchers and Casual Wage Labor Vouchers (Including Overload). Any employee requesting overload or overtime pay will be required to provide an approved leave report if the time worked by the employee is during normal work hours. [details]
Policy on Cashing Employee or Student Checks
In order to cash a personal check (Faculty, Staff, or Student) on campus, you must be a member of La Capitol Federal Credit Union. [details]
Recoupment of Overpayments Policy and Procedure
Overpayments occur when compensation that is not owed to the employee is paid in error. This includes but is not limited to overpayment of wages, annual and sick leave paid in error, as well as, erroneous refunds of deductions. Unearned payments to employees are prohibited by Article 7, Section 14 of the Louisiana State Constitution which prohibits the donation of public funds. [details]
Special Meals Policy
A department head, through the ULM President, may authorize a special meal within allowable rates to be served in conjunction with a working meeting of departmental staff. [details]
Student Refunds
All student refunds are now handled by HigherOne. [details]
Student Worker General Policy
Student workers can by funded through federal funds or state funds. Federal College Work Study Students at ULM are called 04 workers and State College Work Study Students are called 03 workers. [details]
Temporary Petty Cash Requesting and Receiving Procedures
Procedures for Requesting and Receiving a Temporary Petty Cash amount. [details]
Travel Policy
All In-State Conference, all Out-of-State and all International travel must be authorized and approved in writing by the appropriate Dean or by the appropriate Vice President or Chief Business Officer. A file shall be maintained in the Controller's Office on all approved travel authorizations. Travel Authorizations must be completed even if the travel involves no expenses. [details]
Travel Procedures
These procedures are for In-State Conference Travel and all Out-of-State Travel. [details]
Travel Tips
Additions, changes and tips in the University's travel policy, as well as on the authorization and expense forms. Please review before submitting travel documents. [details]
Tuition and Fees Appeal Policy
The purpose of the Student Tuition and Fees Appeal Policy is for the Appeal Committee to consider appeals from students who encounter extenuating circumstances during the course of a semester which prevent him or her from completing the required course work for the semester. [details]
Tuition and Fees Refund Policy - Summer
A student who resigns from summer classes may receive a 100% refund through the second day of class ONLY. No further refunds for resignations are applicable. [details]
Tuition and Fees Resignation Refund Policy - Fall and Spring
A student who resigns from the University under the conditions listed may receive a partial reduction of regular tuition, out-of-state tuition and student activity fees. The student must officially resign through the Registrar's Office. [details]
ULMs Rental Car/Mileage Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide clarification to PPM 49 and to provide for effective and efficient administration of this policy. This policy is for In-State Travel. [details]
Environmental Safety
Chemical Hygiene Plan
TheChemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)is designed to protect employees and students from the potential health risks of associated with the handling, use, and storage of hazardous chemicals. [details]
Confined Spaces Policy
University employees shall not enter any confined spaces. The University will employ qualified and appropriately trained contractors to conduct any work in confined spaces. Contractors shall be required to provide a copy of their confined space program to the ULM Environmental Health and Safety Office prior to beginning any work in confined spaces. [details]
Emergency Procedures in Case of Injury
Procedures to be followed when a person is injured on campus. [details]
Emergency Response Plan
The purpose of this Emergency Response Plan for Faculty & Staff is to provide important information in the event an emergency or natural disaster that occurs within the university or the general area and impacts normal operations. [details]
Job Safety Analysis
A Job Safety Analysis should be performed on all jobs that have resulted in a trend, death, or a change in a job procedures or new equipment. JSA's are synonymous with many agencies'Standard Operating Procedures or SOP's and apply primarily to hazardous operations or potentially hazardous operations. [details]
Lockout - Tagout Policy
This policy is ensures that personnel at the University of Louisiana Monroe will ensure that all necessary steps are taken while servicing and performing maintenance on machinery ordequipment or processes where a sudden release of stored energy might result in accidental injury. [details]
Portable Heater Policy
This policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff using portable heaters in any building that is owned, rented, or leased by the university except residence halls. No portable heaters will be allowed under any circumstances in residence halls. [details]
President's Safety Policy Statement
The University of Louisiana Monroe is committed to providing University community with a safe and healthful academic and work environment. In service to his goal, the University has developed an Environmental Health and Safety Program. [details]
Radiation Safety Manual
This Manual is required reading for all users of radioactive materials. [details]
University Key Policy
This policy is designed to ensure the following: all university keys are accounted for and used appropriately, to implement a tracking system for all university keys and to ensure the safe access and security to all university buildings. [details]
Financial Aid Services
Federal Work-Study and JLD Program Manual
Policy and Procedure Handbook for Students and Work-study Supervisors [details]
Repeated Course Work Policy
Financial Aid's Repeated Course Work Policy [details]
Human Resources
Americans With Disabilities Act Policy
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 provides people with disabilities access to employment, public accommodations, public services, transportation and telecommunications. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides federal civil rights protection to people who are considered disabled. [details]
Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
The University of Louisiana at Monroe is committed to offering all employees and students or users of University facilities a campus environment free from all forms of harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation in the workplace. No employee (staff, faculty, and administrator) or student, male or female, should be subjected to unsolicited and unwelcome overtures or conduct, either verbal or physical. All members of the University community should be treated with dignity and fairness without harassing conduct, which stifles productivity and hampers academic and professional motivation. [details]
Children in the Workplace
Children in the Workplace [details]
Criminal Background and Financial Credit Check Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for conducting criminal background and consumer credit reports for faculty and staff at the university, as well as applicants for employment. The process of conducting criminal background and consumer credit reports is intended to create and sustain a safe environment for all members of the university community. [details]
Criminal Background and Financial Credit Check Procedures
The purpose of this document is to provide internal procedures for conducting criminal background checks and consumer credit reports for faculty, staff and candidates for employment at the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Criminal background checks and consumer credit reports are intended to create and sustain a safe environment for all members of the university community. [details]
Crisis Leave Pool (Classified Employees Only)
The Crisis Leave Program is available to eligible classified employees experiencing a serious illness/injury or that of an eligible family member. Classified employee who meet eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act and who have insuffiecient paid leave balances to cover the family illness may request leave hours from the Crisis Leave Pool. Appropriate forms must be completed to request leave hours from the Pool. [details]
Demotion Pay
A Demotion is a change of a permanent or probationary classified employee from a position in one job to a position in another job, which is assigned to a pay grade with a lower maximum rate or pay. [details]
Drug Testing
LA RS 49:1001-1021 authorized the University to proceed with drug testing of ULM employees. The context of this policy will be pursuant to this statute and to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1986, the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, the Drug-Free Public Housing Act of 1988, the Louisiana Drug Testing Act of 1990, the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991, the Federal Highway Administration procedures, Title 49CRF part 40 and part 382 et al., LA Revised Statutes 23:1081 and 1601, and Executive Order MJF 98-38. [details]
Drug-Free Workplace
ULM is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace and workforce free of alcohol and substance abuse and to vigorously comply with the requirements of the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. [details]
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
The University of Louisiana at Monroe firmly supports the policy of Equal Employment Opportunity as set forth in the University's Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. [details]
Extraordinary Qualifications/Credentials
The policy establishes procedures through which the University determines the entry salary for classified Civil Service applicants hired with extraordinary qualifications and credentials. [details]
Family Medical Leave
Federal regulations require the University to designate Family Medical Leave to eligible employees who need to attend to their medical needs or that of an eligible family member. The Family Medical Leave Act requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to "eligible" employees for certain family and medical reasons regardless of whether the employee has sufficient annual or sick leave balances. [details]
Flexible Work Hours Policy
Establishes the University's policy on flextime schedules. [details]
Grievance Policy Classified
It is the intention of the Classified Employees Grievance Policy to provide the classified employees a method to be heard and a venue for resolution of grievances. Actions of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation should be submitted to the appropriate administrator as outlined in the University's Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy. [details]
Grievance Procedure Unclassified Non-Faculty
This grievance policy has been established for the University's unclassified non-faculty staff. The policy is intended to cover employee complaints, grievances and the appeals process occuring during the course of employment at ULM. Actions of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation should be submitted to the appropriate administrator as outlined in the University's Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy. [details]
Hiring Policy ULS M-18
Hiring without regard to retirement status and without regard to prior complaints of discrimination of other protected EEO activity. [details]
HR001.2 Performance Evaluation Policy for Unclassified Staff and Specific Academic Administrators
This policy establishes a framework to ensure that unclassified staff employees and certain academic administrator employees are evaluated in a timely, objective, and consistent manner pursuant to this policy and related procedures. [details]
HR001.S1 Performance Evaluation for Unclassified Staff and Certain Academic Administrators_Implementation Procedures
This document describes general implementation procedures developed to effectuate the Performance Evaluation for Unclassified Staff and Certain Academic Administrators Policys purpose of a timely, objective, and consistent annual performance evaluation process for covered employees. [details]
HR002.1 Compensatory Time Policy For Unclassified Exempt Staff
This policy defines the parameters of earning and using compensatory time by unclassified exempt staff. [details]
HR004.1 Ethics Education and Training Policy and Procedures
This policy gives detailed information regarding the required ethics education and training of public employees as stated in Louisiana Revised Statute (RS) 42:1170. [details]
HR005.1 Employee Tuition and Fee Policy
The ULM Employee Tuition and Fee Policy provides specific information regarding the benefit of tuition reduction and waiver of certain fees offered to Employees, Spouses and/or Dependent Children for enrollment in a degree program offerred by ULM as a host institution. [details]
Insurance Coverage for Separation Employees
This policy has been established to provide guidelines for the continuation of insurance benefits for separating employees. [details]
Leave Prior to Separation
Establishes the University's policy on the use of annual and/or compensatory leave immediately preceding resignation, termination, or retirement. The employee shall not engage in employment during this leave period, which would otherwise be prohibited during the employees regular employment (The Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics (R.S. 42:1121)). [details]
Minimum Supervisory Training Policy
The Louisiana Department of Civil Service has established a minimum set of training guidelines for designated civil service supervisors. This policy gives guidelines for ULM employees covered by the state policy. [details]
New Employee Orientation Policy
This policy applies to all employees at the university. Specifically, this policy includes any person who is employed by the university on a part-time or full-time basis, including but not limited to all faculty, unclassified staff, classified staff, and casual wage (WAE) employees. [details]
Optional Pay Adjustment Policy & Questionnaire
Establishes the University's policy which ULM grants individual pay adjustments to permanent classified employees for retention of an employee, to adjust for pay differentials, to compensate employees for performing additional duties or to recruit employees. [details]
Preventing and Addressing Retaliation ULS M-12
University of Louisiana System Policy M-12 [details]
Prohibited Political Activity
Do's and Don'ts for State Classified Employees regarding elections. [details]
Promotional Pay(Classified Employees Only)
A Promotion is a change of a permanent classified employee to a job which is assigned to a pay grade with higher maximum pay. An employees pay for promotion will be determined based on Civil Service Rule 6.7. [details]
Report of Material in Non Conformance With ULM Policies
Return to Work
The University has established a return to work policy to assist with the transition of an employee, who has been out due to Workers' Compensation, back into the workforce. [details]
Shared Sick Leave Policy (Faculty and Unclassified Staff only)
The Shared Sick Leave Policy is available to eligible faculty and unclassified staff experiencing a serious illness/injury. Eligible faculty and unclassified staff who meet eligibility and who have insufficient paid leave balances may request leave hours from the Shared Sick Leave pool. Appropriate forms must be completed to request leave hours from the pool. [details]
Special Entrance Rate Policy
Establishes the policy and procedure through which the University determines the entrance rates for qualified Classified Civil Service positions. [details]
Transfer Hiring Policy
Established guidline for the hiring of Civil Service (classified) employees who are transfering in from another state agency with permanent status. [details]
Unclassified Staff Handbook
The Unclassified Staff Handbook contains general information and guidelines and is not intended to be comprehensive or to address all possible applications of, or exceptions to, the general policies and procedures described. Some subjects described here are covered in detail in official policy documents. Employees should refer to these documents for specific information, as the Unclassified Staff Handbook may only provide a brief summary. The Unclassified Staff Handbook articulates the privileges and obligations of unclassified staff. The information in the Unclassified Staff Handbook should be supplemented by the Rules of the ULS Board of Supervisors for State Colleges and Universities under the Louisiana Board of Regents. [details]
Unscheduled Absence Policy
Within the guidelines of Civil Service Rule 12.6, the University has adopted this policy to encourage responsible use of leave by all classified employees. The intent of this policy is not to punish classified employees, but to consider the greater good of the state service by reducing unscheduled, disruptive absenteeism. It is also intended to improve morale by reducing the negative effects of absenteeism on co-workers and to improve the states service to its clients and customers by promoting good employee attendance. [details]
Workers' Compensation Policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish the responsibilities and rights of the employee and employer as they pertain to Louisiana Workers Compensation Laws (Chapter 10, Revised Statute 23). [details]
Workplace Violence
The purpose of this policy to ensure the highest standard of safety for all faculty, staff, students and visitors on this campus. The University will take all reasonably available steps to protect all such persons from violence. [details]
Information Technology
Account Access - Permission Controls Policy
The purpose of this document is to help ensure that (LDAP - Banner, Email, Moodle, other) user account access & permissions remain appropriate to each employees current job role and employment status. This document will outline the policy and procedures that all employee supervisors, the Human Resources department and the Computing Center department will follow in order to maintain appropriate account access and permissions for all employees. [details]
Computing Center Leave Policy
Policy that describes requirements and procedures for requesting and reporting types of leave for Computing Center personnel. [details]
Computing Systems Security Breach Policy
Policy and actions to be taken upon the known compromise of electronic systems and accounts maintained by the University Computing Center. [details]
Functional Lead Review Policy
Policy of the Computing Center to provide routine reports to Banner Functional Leads for the purposes of review access personnel rights within Banner INB. [details]
IT System Change Control Policy
Policy that describes tracking of IT system changes affecting major University administrative systems. These references are primarily tracked within the Computing Center's web ticket system or via reports that can be obtained from contracted service providers. [details]
Online Campus Election System Policies
This policy defines how users may request use of the electronic campus elections system. [details]
Online Training System Policy
This policy details the usage and procedure for requesting access to the Online Training System. [details]
Terminated Employees Report Policy
Functional policy to review Banner accounts for employment status and ensure timely termination of those accounts. [details]
ULM Computing Center STAP Student printing policy [details]
ULM Computing Center Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures relating to services and support provided by the ULM Computing Center [details]
University Email Policy
Provides policy regarding official email addresses, assignment and retention of email accounts, forwarding of email, course related use of email, and unofficial email addresses. [details]
Internal Audit
Internal Audit Brochure
As detailed in the University's Internal Audit Activity Charter, the mission of internal audit is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the University's operations. [details]
Internal Audit Manual
The purpose of this manual is to outline the authority and scope of the internal audit function within the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM or University) and to provide standards and guidelines and procedures for the Internal Audit Department. These guidelines aim to provide for consistency, stability, continuity, standards of acceptable performance, and a means of effectively coordinating the efforts of the staff members comprising the Internal Audit Department. The overall objective of the internal audit activity is to provide all levels of University management and the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System (Board) with an independent assessment of the quality of the University's internal controls and administrative processes, and provide recommendations and suggestions for continuous improvement. This manual provides guidance; however, individual auditors judgment is required in applying this information to specific assignments. [details]
Management Control Policy
Management is charged with the responsibility for establishing a network of processes with the objective of controlling the operations of the University. [details]
Security and Confidentiality of Student Records
The University of Louisiana at Monroe Internal Audit Activity Charter, Section 1000 of the Internal Audit Manual, provides that internal audit shall have unrestricted access to all functions, records, manual and automated systems, properties, and personnel of the University. [details]
Marketing & Communication
AxisTV Policy and Guidelines
Guidelines on how to use AxisTV, a closed-circuit, on-campus communication system which uses flat-screen plasma monitors to broadcast important information to ULM students, faculty, and staff. Displays are located at various point around campus. [details]
Bulk Mail Permit Authorization
The Bulk Mail Permit Authorization policy covers the criterion on the use of ULM's Bulk Mailing Permit; how to use it, required information and other items required by the USPS. [details]
Editorial Style Guide
The style guide is to be used as a resource for written and electronic communications, including advertising, brochures, fliers, newsletters, web pages and visual or graphical presentations. [details]
Events Management and Calendar Policy and Guidelines
The Events Management and Calendar Policy and Guidelines is to be used by all ULM entities when planning, scheduling and promoting any ULM on-campus event, which integrates with the ULM Web calendar. [details]
Graphic Design and Review Policy and Procedures
The Graphic Design and Review Policy and Procedures assist campus departments on how to get any university-related printed materials designed and approved. [details]
Group E-Mail Policy and Guidelines
Policy and guidelines on the use of ULM's group e-mail system. Includes updated information about the procedures to be used when using group emails to ULM students. [details]
Home Page Policy
Guidlines on content allowed and considered acceptable for ULM's Home page. [details]
Hoverboard Policy
Policy concerning the use of hoverboards on campus [details]
Media Guidelines for the ULM Community
This guide is to assist administrators, faculty and staff on how to interact with the media. The guide also covers procedures on contacting the media. [details]
Permission to Publish Authorization and Photo Release Form
The Permission to Publish Authorization Form is used to allow ULM to record and/or publish images or works through video, audio, photographic, electronic or printed formats in connection with ULM-related activities. This form also covers minors 17 years of age or younger. [details]
Photo Services Policy and Guidelines
Photo Services provides photos and images for the university's use to represent ULM to the public. Photography Services also produces official staff and faculty portraits. [details]
Social Media Policy
Employees will use this as a resource for posting content and managing official ULM social media sites. [details]
ULM and Warhawk Logos
Collegiate Licensing Corporation Logo sheet, detailing all applicable uses of ULM's Institutional and Athletic logos and mark. [details]
University of Louisiana Monroe Brand Guide 2018-2019
Guidelines on the correct use of ULM logos, colors, fonts, font families, and letterhead/envelope layouts and other branding standards for publications, both print and electronic. [details]
Web Sponsorship Policy
The ULM Web Sponsorship Policy sets guidelines on how any Web sponsorships are to be pre-approved by the Executive Vice President and/or the Executive Director of the ULM Foundation and Alumni Relations and displayed within the ULM Web site. [details]
Web Usability Guidelines
This document, produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides a researched-based insight into web usability and best practices. [details]
Office of the President
GU001.4 Policy On Policies
This policy is designed to provide a uniform University Policy Format, ensure a consistent review, adoption, amendment and repeal process and provide for dissemination and management of University Policies. [details]
GU001.S1 Policy Development Procedures
The steps that detail the required procedures for developing a University Policy. Unit Policies are to be developed using steps one through five. [details]
GU001.S2 Policy Template
This form shall be used for the adoption and revision of all University-wide polices at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. New and revised policies developed after August 30, 2016 should be submitted for approval using the template, Interim policies are not required to use the template. [details]
GU001.S3 Policy Development Checklist
The checklist is to assist the Responsible Office in reviewing and drafting a University Policy in his her area of operation. The checklist should be used as a tool to assist with developing content for the proposed policy/policy revision. [details]
GU001.S4 Policy Functional Area and Responsible Executive List
Document listing the functional areas of the university and the Division Head responsible for each area. The list is provided to aid in policy development. [details]
GU003.1 Substantive Change Policy
The Substantive Change Policy defines the requirements and associated procedures related to substantive change established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), the University's regional accrediting body. [details]
PPM M-19: Guidelines for Compliance with Executive Order BJ 14-13
Policy for public employees and students, faculty and staff of institutions of higher learning governing the return to normal duties or classroom attendance following such travel to those countries identified by the Centers for Disease Control as having a threat of contracting the Ebola Virus Disease. [details]
Sexual Misconduct Complaint Policy
University policy governing Title IX-related complaints of alleged sexual misconduct [details]
Sexual Misconduct Formal Complaint Resolution Procedure
(inlcudes Title IX information) Sexual Misconduct Procedures, also see Sexual Misconduct Complaint Policy [details]
Tobacco Free Policy
The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) is committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The University is committed to ensuring our campus is tobacco-free to promote healthy living. [details]
Physical Plant Adm
Property Control Policy and Procedures
The University of Louisianas primary goal in designing the current property system and in structuring the Property Control Policy is to achieve acceptable control and accountability of moveable assets and to minimize the effort required by ULM employees. [details]
PP0001.1 Purchasing Card Policy
The University of Louisiana at Monroes Purchasing Card (P‐Card) Policy establishes minimum standards for possession and use to ensure compliance with the State of Louisianas Corporate Liability LaCarte, P‐Card program. [details]
Sponsored Programs and Research
This policy serves as guidance for proposing, approving, handling, storage, disposal, and documenting biosafety compliance. The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is charged with the oversight of recombinant DNA, pathogens, toxins, toxicants and carcinogens and to ensure that ULM complies with all federal and state regulations. [details]
Cost Share / Match
Cost sharing or matching funds refers to that portion of project or program costs not borne by the sponsored agency. It includes all contributions, including cash and in-kind, that a recipient makes to an award. This policy details the pre and post award processes. [details]
Export Control Policy
Policy and procedures are established to assure that the University of Louisiana at Monroe adheres to federal export control laws. [details]
Facilities and Administration - Indirect Costs
These are costs incurred by a project that cannot be clearly identified and assigned to that project (local telephone charges, administrative support, library use, building costs, utilities, etc.). This policy details ULM's negotiated F&A terms and pre and post award processes. [details]
Financial Conflict of Interest for NSF-, NIH-, and PHS-Sponsored Projects
The purpose of this interim policy for Financial Conflict of Interest for NSF-, NIH-, and PHS-sponsored projects is to ensure that all individuals affiliated with the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM), participating in research activities funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) or Public Health Service (PHS includes NIH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other agencies), are familiar and comply with the federal regulations on Objectivity in Research, and that ULM meets all requirements to ensure its continued eligibility to receive grants and contracts from these agencies. Failure to comply with this policy can jeopardize continued or future funding from these agencies. [details]
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
A guide for faculty and staff members to properly structure their relationships with industry and other outside ventures given their position responsibilities. [details]
Gift vs Sponsored Program Policy
A guide for faculty and staff members to clarify the distinction between gifts and sponsored programs. [details]
Human Subjects Protection Policy
Establishes policies, procedures, and responsibilities associated with research that involves the use of human subjects. Particular attention is paid to the Institutional Review Board. [details]
Indirect Cost Return and Use - Effective through June 30, 2019
Indirect costs are written into grants and contracts to reimburse universities for supporting services such as library and building use, accounting, and payroll. Universities normally use a portion of these indirect costs to encourage additional faculty and student scholarship and professional development. This PPM establishes guidelines for the allocation and use of those indirect costs. [details]
Proposal Review and Approval Policy
Establishes the policy, procedures, and responsibilities related to the submission of sponsored program proposals. [details]
RE001.1 Indirect Cost Return and Use Policy - Effective July 1, 2019
The Indirect Cost Return and Use Policy establishes guidelines for the allocation and use of indirect costs. [details]
Salary Recovery Incentive Program
As an incentive/financial support, the university will transfer general funds made available by the secured extramural funding allocated for faculty/staff release time (salary release) to the employees college. [details]
Salary Release from Sponsored Program
Faculty/Staff salary payment to the university through extramural funding (from awards made to the university by a sponsored program - agencies and third parties - for research, instruction, or public service projects) in order to partially release the employee from university responsibilities (research, teaching, service, or administrative duties) so that the employee member can spend this portion of their time and effort on the awarded research/project. [details]
Scientific Research Misconduct Policy
The University is strongly committed to and will vigorously protect the rights and monitor the treatment of individuals who bring allegations of misconduct or of inadequate institutional response thereto, and those who cooperate in inquiries or investigations. This policy indicates the extent to which ULM takes its obligation to protecting whistleblowers. [details]
Time and Effort Reporting
For every reporting period, ULM employees must report time spent on research/project for sponsored program and any other ULM responsibilities (teaching, services, administration, other). Employees affirmation that s/he indeed actually worked the amount of time promised in the awarded proposal of a sponsored program by documenting effort on the University Time and Effort Report as required by Federal law. [details]
Student Life & Leadership
Campus Flyer Posting Policy
Policy for the procedure to post authorized flyers, posters and other materials on ULM bulletin boards. [details]
Campus-Wide Student Message Board
This policy outlines the types of appropriate messages that can be sent using the campus-wide student message board system. [details]
ULM Student Activity Enhancement Fee Policy & Funding Request Procedure
Policy details the criteria and process for requesting and receiving ULM Student Activity Enhancement Fee funding. [details]
Student Services
Alcohol Policy - 2018-2019 Student Policy Manual
Students, faculty and staff are expected to make healthy, responsible choices concerning their personal use of alcohol and the University supports them in this endeavor through education and other resources. [details]
Medical Assistance Policy
Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance Process, [details]
SA002.1 Freedom of Expression Policy
The purpose of the University's Freedom of Expression Policy is to: (i) provide for expressive activity to be conducted on public (outside) areas of the University campus in a manner consistent with First Amendment principles; (ii) establish procedures whereby a person aggrieved by a violation of this Policy on free expression may seek relief; and (iii) provide for reasonable time, place and manner (TPM) restrictions on expressive activity. [details]
ULM Student Policy Manual 2018-2019
This publication is presented by the University of Louisiana at Monroe Office of Student Services (Student Conduct) to provide students and student organizations with information to guide them in their efforts to function successfully within the University environment. [details]
University Development
ULM Foundation 4.7 Fund Raising Policy and Guidelines
ULM Foundation policy and guidelines for charitable fund raising on behalf of the university. [details]
ULM Foundation 4.8 Naming Opportunities Policy
The purpose of this policy is to develop university-wide guidelines for gift naming opportunities at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. [details]
ULM Foundation 5.2 Gift Acceptance and Disposition Policy
This policy defines the guidelines for the gift giving process to the University and the University's response to accept or reject the gift. [details]
ULM Foundation 5.8 Administrative Fee Policy
This policy outlines the ULM Foundation's assessment of fees for services. [details]
ULM Foundation Scholarship Awarding and Administration Policy
This document delineates the management responsibilities of the ULM Foundation and the ULM Scholarship office associated with ULM Foundation Scholarships. [details]
University Library
Digital Library Study Room Technology Use Policy
Certain group study rooms in the Library have been retrofited with computer/touchscreen display technology. This policy addresses the appropriate usage and expectations. [details]
Food and Drink in the Library
The use of food and drink in the library have a few caveats just like other uses of the building. [details]
Library Circulation Policy
This describes the borrowing privileges of the different types of library users. [details]
Louisiana Statute RS44
Registration records and other records of use maintained by libraries [details]
ULM Library Group Study Room Policy
The purpose of providing rooms is to support group study. [details]
Unattended Children Policy
Policy on unattended children in the library [details]
University Planning & Analysis
Policy for the Request of Information
University Planning and Analysis utilizes student records to provide summary-level statistics for State and Federal reporting, as well as for release to university administrators and offices as needed for official use. [details]
University Police
ULM Parking Policy
This policy covers ULM's parking policy, vehicle registration, and citation/appeals process related to parking and vehicles on the ULM campus. [details]
VP for Academic Affairs
AA001.1 Grade Appeal - Undergraduate and Graduate Course Grade Appeal Policy
Provides a means for students to seek change when they feel their final grade has been determined unfairly. [details]
AA002.1 Endowed Professorships/Chairs Policy
Policies and procedures for the awarding of an endowed professorship or chair, use of the award, disbursement of salaries, annual reporting and renewal. [details]
AA003.1 Faculty Workload Policy
The Faculty Workload Policy defines the criteria for a fair and equitable faculty workload. [details]
AA004.2 Summer Faculty Employment Policy
Describes the types of appointments and pay rates for teaching during the summer term. [details]
AA005.1 Textbook Adoption Policy
The adoption of textbooks and other materials for courses at ULM are governed by this policy. Procedures for ordering textbooks and materials are also provided. [details]
AA011.1 Verfication of Institutional and Program Accreditation Status Policy
The University of Louisiana at Monroe's (ULM) Verification of Institutional and Program Accreditation Status Policy establishes the procedures for verifying institutional and program accreditation status and notifying SACSCOC and specialized or professional accreditation agencies when there is any type of change in accreditation status. [details]
Allocation and Use of Attrition by Colleges
The College Budget Authority PPM provides the dean of a college with the authority to rebudget collegiate funds during the fiscal year. The purpose of this PPM is to provide guidelines for the calculation, allocation, and use of the colleges unclassified employees attrition. [details]
Assessment and Certification of Faculty English Proficiency
The University of Louisiana at Monroe's policy and procedures for assessing and certifying the English proficiency of new instructional faculty is established. [details]
Attestation of Policy Review Fall 2015
Division of Academic Affairs employees are responsible for reading policies and procedures relevant to their position and reading ULM, UL System, and Board of Regents policies and procedures. This is to be done by all new employees within 60 days of beginning employment and annually by current employees. [details]
College Budget Authority
The dean of a college has authority over his/her colleges budget. [details]
Emeritus/a Recognition
Describes the policy and procedures for nomination and notification of emeritus designation as professor, department head, dean, and vice president. [details]
Faculty Administrators Salary
The purpose of this policy is to address the terms and conditions which governs the salary of a faculty member making the transition to a faculty administrator and vice versa. [details]
Faculty Handbook - approved on 11/19/2015 Effective through June 30, 2019
The faculty handbook is designed as a guide for faculty. As a guide this handbook can be used as a first point of contact when a faculty member needs clarifications on policies, procedures and services. The faculty handbook is not a tome of all faculty information. Instead this handbook oftentimes acts only to point the faculty member to the needed information. [details]
Faculty Handbook - approved on 2/13/2019 Effective July 1, 2019
This Faculty Handbook has been approved for 2019-2020. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1970
Archived copy of the 1970 Faculty Handbook approved December 1969. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1977-78
Archived copy of the 1977-1978 Faculty Handbook approved August 1977. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1981-82
Archived copy of the 1981-82 Faculty Handbook approved August 1981. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1983-84
Archived copy of the 1983-84 Faculty Handbook approved May 1983. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1987-88
Archived copy of the 1987-88 Faculty Handbook approved June 1987. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1988-89
Archived copy of the 1988-89 Faculty Handbook approved August 1988. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 1999
Archived copy of the 1999 Faculty Handbook approved on 10/28/1999. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 2001
Archived copy of the 2001 Faculty Handbook approved August 2001. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 2007
Archived copy of the 2007 Faculty Handbook approved on 12/17/2007. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 2010
Archived copy of the 2010 Faculty Handbook approved on 3/2/2010. [details]
Faculty Handbook - archived copy 2012
Archived copy of the 2012 Faculty Handbook approved on 8/15/2012. [details]
Transfer Credit
This PPM establishes the policy and procedures by which course credit may be transferred from another institution to ULM. [details]
VP for Business Affairs
BA004.SI Fundraising Request Form
This form is to be used by Employees/Departments/Units as part of the written request submitted to the administrative supervisor and then to the Vice President for Business Affairs in order to obtain permission to conduct a fundraising activity. [details]
ULS Parietal Rule XX - Mandatory On-Campus Housing Requirement
Applicants seeking exemption to the University of Louisiana Systems mandatory on-campus housing requirement must meet any one of the Universitys allowable exemptions and perform the prescribed procedures before being considered. Applicants will read and explicitly follow the all steps prior to submitting their written appeal to the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises. [details]
VP for Info Services & Stu Success
Liew Family International Student Center Policy
Building policy regarding the use and management of the Liew Family International Student Center. [details]
VP for Student Affairs
SA001.1 Hazing Policy
Hazing is prohibited. The policy defines hazing, how to report incidents of hazing and how the University will handle any violations of the hazing policy. [details]
ULM Facilities Policy
This policy describes the various facilities on campus available to provide students, faculty/staff and guests with quality event venues, services programs and learning opportunities. [details]

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