ULM Policies Website

About this site

The University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) Policy and Procedures website was developed to provide a central location for policies and procedures that affect the University community and to ensure easy access to widely used policies and procedures. This site does not contain an exhaustive list of all policies used by the University. Individual units may maintain policies and procedures that apply only to that unit and are not posted on the Policies and Procedures website. The website is dynamic and policies may be added, updated or removed at any time.

Writing a New Policy or Revising Existing Policy

The Policy on Policies was created as a guide for university faculty and staff in the development of both university and unity policy. Persons writing new policy or revising existing policy are required to follow the process outlined in the Policy on Policies as well as use the Policy Template and Policy Development Procedures.

Searching the Policies and Procedures Website

The ULM Policies and Procedures website is organized alphabetically by functional area category and numerically within each functional area category.

Persons searching the Policy and Procedures website can select from the list of functional area categories located in the left hand column, scroll through the list that begins on the lower portion of this page, or type a few words in the key word box also located on the top left of this page.

Any questions about this website or questions regarding the development of university or unit policy can be directed to the University Policy Coordinator - Treina Kimble at 318-342-3064 or via email at kimble@ulm.edu.