Information Technology Policies

Account Access - Permission Controls Policy - March 31, 2016

The purpose of this document is to help ensure that (LDAP - Banner, Email, Moodle, other) user account access & permissions remain appropriate to each employees current job role and employment status.  This document will outline the policy and procedures that all employee supervisors, the Human Resources department and the Computing Center department will follow in order to maintain appropriate account access and permissions for all employees.  

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Computing Center Leave Policy - December 12, 2011

Policy that describes requirements and procedures for requesting and reporting types of leave for Computing Center personnel.

Computing Systems Security Breach Policy - December 2, 2014

Policy and actions to be taken upon the known compromise of electronic systems and accounts maintained by the University Computing Center.

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Functional Lead Review Policy - March 30, 2016

The policy of the Computing Center to provide routine reports to Banner Functional Leads for the purposes of review access personnel rights within Banner INB.

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IT System Change Control Policy - March 27, 2016

Policy that describes tracking of IT system changes affecting major University administrative systems.  These references are primarily tracked within the Computing Center's web ticket system or via reports that can be obtained from contracted service providers.

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Online Campus Election System Policies - September 5, 2012

This policy defines how users may request use of the electronic campus elections system.

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Online Training System Policy - December 4, 2014

This policy details the usage and procedure for requesting access to the Online Training System.

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Security Video Data Policy - January 1, 2010 PDF icon
Terminated Employees Report Policy - March 30, 2016

Functional policy to review Banner accounts for employment status and ensure timely termination of those accounts.

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ULM Computing Center STAP Student printing policy

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ULM Computing Center Policies and Procedures - July 08, 2008

Policies and Procedures relating to services and support provided by the ULM Computing Center

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University Email Policy - July 1, 2009

Provides policy regarding official email addresses, assignment and retention of email accounts, forwarding of email, course related use of email, and unofficial email addresses.

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