Environmental Health and Safety Policies

ES001.1 Lockout /Tagout Policy - May 21, 2020

This policy ensures that personnel at the University of Louisiana Monroe will ensure that all necessary steps are taken while servicing and performing maintenance on machinery or equipment or processes where a sudden release of stored energy might result in accidental injury.

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ES002.2 Driver Safety Policy - June 1, 2022

The University of Louisiana at Monroe’s Driver Safety Policy defines the requirements and procedures necessary to drive on state business for ULM as per the Louisiana Office of Risk Management requirements.

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ES003.1 Confined Spaces Policy - May 21, 2020

University employees shall not enter any confined spaces. The University will employ qualified and appropriately trained contractors to conduct any work in confined spaces. Contractors shall be required to provide a copy of their confined space program to the ULM Environmental Health and Safety Office prior to beginning any work in confined spaces.

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ES004.1 Water Vessel Safety Policy - May 21, 2020

The purpose of this policy is to provide a systematic method of screening, training, and accountability for employees and supervisors required to assign or operate state owned/leased/hired water vessels in the scope of their employment as required by LAC Title 37.

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ES005.1 Bloodborne Pathogens Policy - May 21, 2020

The purposes of this policy include:  elimination or minimization of employee occupational exposure to blood or other body fluids, compliance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, and the protection of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM). 

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ES006.1 ULM-Travel and Personal Travel Covid-19 Travel Protocol Policy - March 11, 2020

The University understands that the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 remains a dynamic situation. Therefore, the University discourages all foreign travel by students, faculty, staff, and recognized volunteers during the outbreak. All ULM-travel to countries identified as Level 1 or greater risk by the CDC (“Affected Country”) must be justified, approved by the ULM President, and occur within parameters of the latest guidelines from the CDC and Governor John Bel Edwards’s COVID-19 Task Force.

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Accident Investigations - April 15, 2010 PDF icon https://webservices.ulm.edu/policies/download-policy/317
Animal - Pet Policy - April 15, 2010

To protect the safety and ensure the comfort of students, faculty, staff, and others on campus.

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Chemical Hygiene Plan - June 1, 2016

TheChemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)is designed to protect employees and students from the potential health risks of associated with the handling, use, and storage of hazardous chemicals.

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Emergency Procedures in Case of Injury - April 15, 2010

Procedures to be followed when a person is injured on campus.

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Emergency Response Plan - August 6, 2019

The purpose of this Emergency Response Plan for Faculty & Staff is to provide important information in the event an emergency or natural disaster that occurs within the university or the general area and impacts normal operations.

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Job Safety Analysis - June 12, 2016

A Job Safety Analysis should be performed on all jobs that have resulted in a trend, death, or a change in job procedures or new equipment. JSA's are synonymous with many agencies'Standard Operating Procedures or SOP's and apply primarily to hazardous operations or potentially hazardous operations.

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Portable Heater Policy - April 15, 2010

This policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff using portable heaters in any building that is owned, rented, or leased by the university except residence halls. No portable heaters will be allowed under any circumstances in residence halls.

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President's Safety Policy Statement January 12, 2011

The University of Louisiana Monroe is committed to providing the University community with a safe and healthful academic and work environment. In service to his goal, the University has developed an Environmental Health and Safety Program.

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Radiation Safety Manual - May 1, 2017

This Manual is required reading for all users of radioactive materials.

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University Key Policy April 15, 2010

This policy is designed to ensure the following: all university keys are accounted for and used appropriately, to implement a tracking system for all university keys and to ensure the safe access and security to all university buildings.

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