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Lab Software Request Form

Procedure for Software Submission
Steps involved to request software installation for the computer labs

1. Provide copies of the software for installation on CD-R copies of the original installation CD-ROM. The CD discs will not be returned so be sure that copies, not the originals, are used. If the software will only install from the original CD-ROM, provide the original CD-ROM and it will be returned upon completion of the install. Realize that the install disc will be needed again if software will be reinstalled at a later time.

2. Verify that all CD-R copies of software successfully install. Test the install on another machine before giving up the discs. If the discs will not work, the software cannot be installed.

3. Label all discs with a permanent magic marker. Indicate the name of the software on the disc.

4.Provide with the discs, copies of the license forms and agreements. Only software that is properly licensed may be installed in the labs. Note that the license information must match version and proper number of licenses (i.e. A license form indicating 10 licenses cannot be used to request installation of 40 copies of software in a particular lab). Provide copies of these forms, not the originals. Forms will not be returned.

5. Be sure to include any activation codes or install numbers associated with the software. If possible, type or write these codes on the sleeve covering the installation CD discs. Make sure these codes are legible and easy to read.

6. Complete the form found below.

7. Upon completion, turn all materials into the Computing Center Office (ULIB 213)

8. Requester will be contacted upon receipt of form. If there are any questions or problems, Requester may be contacted about those as well.

NOTICE: Installations may require up to two weeks to complete. It is essential that lab software installs be planned and requested well in advance of the actual date when the software will be used. Every effort is made to have the software in place in a timely fashion but realize resources are limited. We appreciate cooperation in this matter.
Software Information
Name of Software
Location where software will be installed:
Number of licenses:
Number of requested installs:
Name of license holder:

Requester Contact Information
Office Building:
Office/Room Number
Questions/Comments: (if specific computers are requested for installs, list their designation in this box):