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2016-17 Investment Report and Endowment Statement Survey

Annual investment reports and endowments statements are our primary tools for communicating about the activity of endowed accounts. We would appreciate your comments on the effectiveness of this effort. Please select the responses that best represent your opinion.
Name of Endowment:
Name of Responder:
Overall, how would you rate the value of the annual investment report and endowment statement?
The information in the investment report and endowment statement was presented in a clear, concise manner.
I was able to understand the financial information specifically related to my account(s).
What information was most interesting/helpful, and why?
What additional information would you find helpful?
If you have a specific question or request related to your endowment statement, please share those details here:
Are there other individuals you wish to receive these reports? Please provide name, address, and email address: