Preceptor Application Form

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Dear Pharmacist Preceptor:


Thank you for your interest in precepting ULM pharmacy students. Preceptors are vital role models in the education of pharmacy students and their role cannot be overemphasized.

Practice experiences must be completed in a permitted practice site under the supervision of a pharmacist with no less than two years of experience as a licensed pharmacist. A small percentage of qualified non-pharmacist preceptors may be used for elective rotations. Students shall not practice in a permitted pharmacy site that is on probation with the board of pharmacy nor under the supervision of a pharmacist whose license is on probation with the board.


Preceptors qualify to participate in the program by meeting and adhering to standards set by the College of Pharmacy and its Experiential Committee. Application to become a ULM preceptor and an experiential practice site involves the following steps:


1. Preceptor Application submitted to the Office of Experiential Education

2. Once the preceptor application has been received and processed, you will receive an affiliation agreement from the College of Pharmacy


Thank you for your participation in pharmacy education.




Karin Ryan, RPh 

Director of Experiential Education

ULM College of Pharmacy

1800 Bienville Avenue

Monroe, La. 71201

(318) 342-3271