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Cash Handling Policy and Procedures - Interim Policy
This policy outlines the University rules and procedures for the proper handling of cash, including the responsibilities of University employees involved in the cash handling process. Cash is defined as currency, coin, check, money order, travelers check, credit card, or debit card. [details]
Centralized Cash Management and Investment Policy - Interim Policy
University of Louisiana at Monroe has developed a centralized cash management system to meet the following objectives: provide funds as needed for operations of the University, generate maximum investment income with complete safety of investment,centralize banking activities and provide information to meet management needs of the University [details]
CO001.2 Travel Card/CBA Policy
This policy provides information on how to obtain and use a Travel Card or a Cardless Billing Account (CBA) for specific travel expenses associated with authorized University Travel. [details]
Drop Policy, New (Effective Fall 2011)
Effective with the Fall 2011 semester, this new drop policy will enable the University to operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible, with regards to students' intent to enroll. [details]
Late Payment Fee Policy
Students will not be dropped for non-payment; however, students with a balance after the fee payment deadlines will be charged a late payment fee. [details]
Leave of Absence Without Pay for Unclassified Employees & Faculty Policy
Leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees for good cause. Such leaves will be approved based upon the ability of the granting department to continue to provide on-going and necessary services. Employees may be required to take any part or all of accrued annual, sick, and/or compensatory leave prior to being granted leave without pay depending on the reason. [details]
Long Distance Telephone Policy
Long distance telephone usage is for ULM business purposes only. A personal phone call log document is linked from the policy, and available on the Controller's Office forms page. [details]
New Drop Policy
This new drop policy, effective as of Fall 2011 semester, replaces any old existing policies, including the late payment policy prior to the fall semester. [details]
Non-Resident Alien Tax Policy
For Federal Income tax purposes, non-citizens of the United States are classified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as either RESIDENT or NONRESIDENT aliens. Non-citizens of the United States are required to have a valid VISA classification before payments are made. Before a non-citizen of the United States is paid as an employee (wages), or non-employee (honoraria, scholarships and fellowship grants); residency status has to be determined. The IRS has two tests for residency status: the green card test and the substantial presence test. [details]
Payroll Vouchers Policy & Procedures (Including Overload & Casual Wage Labor)
Process established in the Payroll Office for Overload, Overtime Payroll Vouchers and Casual Wage Labor Vouchers (Including Overload). Any employee requesting overload or overtime pay will be required to provide an approved leave report if the time worked by the employee is during normal work hours. [details]
Policy on Cashing Employee or Student Checks
In order to cash a personal check (Faculty, Staff, or Student) on campus, you must be a member of La Capitol Federal Credit Union. [details]
Recoupment of Overpayments Policy and Procedure
Overpayments occur when compensation that is not owed to the employee is paid in error. This includes but is not limited to overpayment of wages, annual and sick leave paid in error, as well as, erroneous refunds of deductions. Unearned payments to employees are prohibited by Article 7, Section 14 of the Louisiana State Constitution which prohibits the donation of public funds. [details]
Special Meals Policy
A department head, through the ULM President, may authorize a special meal within allowable rates to be served in conjunction with a working meeting of departmental staff. [details]
Student Refunds
All student refunds are now handled by HigherOne. [details]
Student Worker General Policy
Student workers can by funded through federal funds or state funds. Federal College Work Study Students at ULM are called 04 workers and State College Work Study Students are called 03 workers. [details]
Temporary Petty Cash Requesting and Receiving Procedures
Procedures for Requesting and Receiving a Temporary Petty Cash amount. [details]
Travel Policy
All In-State Conference, all Out-of-State and all International travel must be authorized and approved in writing by the appropriate Dean or by the appropriate Vice President or Chief Business Officer. A file shall be maintained in the Controller's Office on all approved travel authorizations. Travel Authorizations must be completed even if the travel involves no expenses. [details]
Travel Procedures
These procedures are for In-State Conference Travel and all Out-of-State Travel. [details]
Travel Tips
Additions, changes and tips in the University's travel policy, as well as on the authorization and expense forms. Please review before submitting travel documents. [details]
Tuition and Fees Appeal Policy
The purpose of the Student Tuition and Fees Appeal Policy is for the Appeal Committee to consider appeals from students who encounter extenuating circumstances during the course of a semester which prevent him or her from completing the required course work for the semester. [details]
Tuition and Fees Refund Policy - Summer
A student who resigns from summer classes may receive a 100% refund through the second day of class ONLY. No further refunds for resignations are applicable. [details]
Tuition and Fees Resignation Refund Policy - Fall and Spring
A student who resigns from the University under the conditions listed may receive a partial reduction of regular tuition, out-of-state tuition and student activity fees. The student must officially resign through the Registrar's Office. [details]
ULMs Rental Car/Mileage Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide clarification to PPM 49 and to provide for effective and efficient administration of this policy. This policy is for In-State Travel. [details]

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