Transfer Credit Equivalency/Comparison Search

The Transfer Credit Equivalency/Comparison Search allows prospective students to view ULM equivalents for courses taken at other institutions. It is to be used as a reference tool only and does not guarantee that every course will be accepted as equivalent by every department at ULM. An official evaluation of your transfer credit will take place after you apply for admission to ULM, submit official college transcripts from all schools attended, and meet with your academic advisor at ULM.

When there is no exact ULM equivalent for a course, the ULM course number begins with a number that indicates the level, followed by three X's (Ex: 1XXX or 2XXX). The course title repeats the title of the course at the transferring school.

This database contains only transfer courses that have already been evaluated. Course equivalencies continue to be added, and equivalencies already in the system are updated regularly. If courses you have taken are not included, they will be evaluated when you submit your official college transcripts.