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Elizabeth Stammerjohan
School of Management
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Elizabeth C Stammerjohan, PhD
Professor, Marketing
Marketing Program Coordinator


Ph D

2003, Business Administration/Marketing
Mississippi State University

Biographical Sketch


I was born on a ranch that has been in our family since 1863. Both my parents were teachers. From my Dad, I get my love of learning. From my Mom, I get my love of animals. My husband, Bill, and I owned a machine shop where we built racing engines for 18 years. I started helping out, but eventually I learned to run every machine in the shop, specializing in balancing and cylinder head porting & polishing. Bill and I have a grown son and daughter, and three grandsons. I have also 10 years experience in the printing industry. I received my Bachelor of Fine Art from Mississippi State University in 1998, and my Ph.D. in Marketing from Mississippi State in 2003. I have taught at Mississippi State, Washington State University, and Jackson State University, as well as University of Louisiana Monroe.


Research Interests

My primary research interest is creativity and innovation. With various co-authors, I have written papers on Four Schools of New Product Development, Firm and Relational Factors in New Service Development, Genetic Algorithms as a Creative Method, Creative Methods in Scale Development, Creativity in Sales: Differences between Retail and Industrial Salespersons, and Creativity in Entrepreneurship: What do Entrepreneurs Think? In addition I have published papers on Integrated Marketing Communications, Web Advertising, the Family Purchase Process of Retirement Age Persons, and Cultural Effects on Budget Participation and Performance.

Recent Publications

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Research Grants

Stammerjohan, E. C. (Principal), Clow, K. (Supporting), Barnett, W. (Supporting), McCown, W. (Supporting), Stockley, J. (Supporting), Sutherlin, J., "Technological readiness and attitudes of small business" (Funded), Sponsored By CenturyLink, $35,000. (January 2015 - October 2015).

Awards & Honors

October 2009 Research Award.

May 2008 University Scholars Competitive Grant.

Courses Taught



MRKT 3002Consumer Behavior, 2 course(s)








MRKT 4092TOPICS MARKETING, 1 course(s)