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Michael Chenoweth
Associate Professor
School of Sciences
HANN 324
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Michael S Chenoweth, PhD
Associate Professor, Geography


Ph D

2003, Geography
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


1997, Geography
University of Arkansas


1994, Geography

Biographical Sketch

Michael (Sean) Chenoweth

The University of Louisiana at Monroe

Associate Professor – Geography

School of Sciences


Dr. M. Sean Chenoweth, Director of Research for the Precision Agriculture & Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Application Center at ULM.

He has been involved with geospatial technologies for about 25 years and has extensive knowledge and research background in Geomorphology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).  Many of his research projects involve limestone (karst) terrains and the use of geospatial technologies along with field verification.  His early research was in the Florida Everglades while at the University of Miami working closely with the Federal, State and NGO’s on land management practices in a karst terrain.  At the University of Arkansas he studied sinkholes and caves along the Buffalo National River.  This project involved the creation of a geospatial database of sinkholes and detailed geomorphometric field measurements.  He worked as a visiting scientist for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) at the EROS Data Center.  There he worked on assignments involving satellite image interpretation to create maps of North Korean agricultural potential & protected forest areas in central Africa.  At the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee he started working with tropical karst terrains in Middle America.  He worked with the Belize Citrus Growers Association to create maps of citrus groves concentrating on tree age and health.  Extensive research has been conducted on the Jamaican Cockpit County using field work and satellite imagery to examine karst landforms, classify land-use & land-cover, and soil distribution patterns.  Currently, at ULM, Dr. Chenoweth is working with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and agricultural applications in northeast Louisiana.  This research is a continuation of his past experiences using remotely sensed images to study agriculture and the natural world.  A fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a multispectral infrared camera and GPS is used to create detailed crop health (NDVI) maps of an agriculture field.  He is the Principle Investigator of a grant recently awarded to ULM by the Delta Regional Authority (DRA.gov) in the amount of $110,000 to train farmers how to use UAS. 

Licensure & Certification

Open Water Diver, Scuba Schools International (SSI). (July 19 2015 - Present)
Amateur Radio Technician Class Operator License, Federal Communications Commision (FCC). (April 23 2016 - April 23 2026)
Remote Pilot (Part 107), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). (September 28 2017 - September 30 2019)

Research Interests

Geomorphology:  Arkansas - karst sinkhole distribution on along the Buffalo National River; Jamaican - Cockpit Country; Barbuda - karst aquifer saltwater intrusion

Geospatial Technologies:  Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Archaeology:  Louisiana - Poverty Point World Heritage Site

Recent Publications

Chenoweth, M. S., Day, M. J., Potter, A. E. (2017). Antigua and Barbuda in Landscapes and Landforms of the Lesser Antilles (pp. 99-116). Springer.
Minton, R. L., White, J. D., Hayes, D. M., Chenoweth, M., Hill, A. M. (2008). The freshwater gastropod fauna of Bayou Bartholomew, Arkansas. (pp. 171-177). American Malacological Bulletin.
Chenoweth, M. (2009). Diversity and distribution of freshwater gastropods in the Bayou Bartholomew drainage, Arkansas, USA. (pp. 171 - 177). American Malacological Bulletin.
Chenoweth, M. (2009). Global Change and Caribbean Vulnerability (pp. 100 - 122). Mona (Kingston) / UWI Press: The University of the West Indies.
Day, M. J., Chenoweth, M. S., Halfen, A. (2011). The Cockpit Country, Jamaica: Boundary Issues in Assessing Disturbance and Using a Karst Disturbance Index in Protected Areas Planning (pp. 399 - 414). Springer.
Day, M. J., Chenoweth, M., van Beyen, P. E. (2011). Protection of Karst Landscapes in the Developing World: Lessons from Central America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia (pp. 439-458). Karst Management.
Day, M. J., Chenoweth, M. S. (2013). Treatise on Geomorphology: Surface roughness of karst landscapes (pp. 157-163). Academic Press.

Research Grants

Chenoweth, M. S. (Principal), Karlowitz, P. (Co-Principal), "Unmanned Aerial Systems Training for Precision Agricultural Enhancement" (Funded), Sponsored By Delta Regional Authority, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $112,000. (February 16 2015 - August 1 2016).
Chenoweth, M. (Principal), "Geospatial Server & Mapping Workstation" (Funded), Sponsored By Student Government Association, The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $3835. (December 2012 - February 2013).
Chenoweth, M. (Principal), "Student Technology Access Plan (STAP) Grant" (Funded), Sponsored By Student Government Association, The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $20000. (June 2011 - July 2011).
Chenoweth, M. (Principal), "Endowed Professorship in Geology" (Funded), Sponsored By ULM Foundation, The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $25020. (July 1 2008 - July 1 2010).
Kopera-Frye, K. F. (Principal), Alibeli, M. (Co-Principal), Chenoweth, M. (Supporting), Unter, K. (Supporting), "“Mapping the linkages between obesity and environmental barriers”" (Pending Funding Decision), Sponsored By Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Round 10, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $99539. (January 2010 - April 14 2010).
Chenoweth, M. S. (Principal), "The Fluvial Geomorphology and Vegetation Patterns of the Niger Delta" (Pending Funding Decision), Sponsored By : National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) 2009 University Research Initiatives (NURI), External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $159906. (March 19 2009 - 2010).
Mills, B. (Principal), Case-Hanks, A. T. (Co-Principal), Chenoweth, M. (Supporting), "Louisiana Lower Atmosphere Research Collaborative: Service-Learning" (Funded), Sponsored By UL System, Corporation for National Service, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $53300. (January 10 2008 - 2009).

Awards & Honors

May 2011 Outstanding Colloquium Presenter.

April 2011 Faculty Award of Excellence.

2010 Dean's Performance Award for Service.

Courses Taught

AGRI 4035Principles of Gis, 2 course(s)




GEOS 1001EARTH SCIENCE, 3 course(s)



GEOS 5091DIRECTED STUDY, 2 course(s)