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Katherine Boswell
Associate Professor
School of Acctg, Finan, & Info Serv
HMPH 344
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Katherine T Boswell, PhD,CIA
Associate Professor, Accounting


Ph D

2004, Management Information Systems
The University of Mississippi


Mississippi State University

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Katherine Boswell earned her Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Mississippi in 2004.  Her minor areas were in Operations Management and Marketing.  She earned her Bachelors in Accountancy and her Masters in Business Administration from Mississippi State University.  She has taught a variety of classes in accounting (undergraduate level), Operation Management and Information Systems (undergraduate and masters levels), including System Analysis, Fundamentals of Information Systems, MIS cases, Principles of Financial Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, Information Systems Assurance, Production Operations Management, and Statistics.  Her research areas are primarily information systems and auditing.

Licensure & Certification

Certification of Risk Management Assurance, Institute of Internal Auditors. (February 2013 - Present)
Certified Internal Auditor, Institute of Internal Auditors. (June 2010 - Present)

Research Interests

Her research interests focus primarily on issues in  information systems, auditing, IT security,  and IT privacy.

Recent Publications

McEacharn, M., Chauhan, K. (2021). A Decade Later – Have Tenure Clock Policies Become Friendlier for Biological Clock Events?. AACSB Insights.
McEacharn, M., Boswell, K., Chauhan, K., Siereveld, S. (2019). Tenure clock policy transparency for biological clock (family friendly) events (pp. Article 4). Wetherford, Oklahoma: Administrative Issues Journal.
Jackson, A., Boswell, K., Davis, D. A. (2011). Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line Reporting – What is it all about? (pp. 55-59). Los Angeles, CA: International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology.
Davis, D. A., Dunn, J. P., Boswell, K. (2009). The Importance of Capturing and Using Financial Information in Small Business. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration.
James, T., Pirim, T., Boswell, K., Reithel, B., Barkhi, R. (2008). An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model to Determine the Intention to Use Biometric Devices. (pp. 57-78). IGI Global.
James, T., Pirim, T., Boswell, K., Reithel, B., Barkhi, R. (2008). Determining the Intention to Use of Biometric Devices: An Application and Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model, Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (pp. 2335-2355). IGI Global.
Korzaan, M., Boswell, K. (2008). The Influence of Personality Traits and Information Privacy Concerns on Behavioral Intentions (pp. 15-24). Oklahoma: Journal of Computer Information Systems.
Davis, D. A., Hodge, T. G., Boswell, K. (2008). Small Business Owners: Steps You Can Take to Enhance the Ethical Environment Within Your Business. Las Vegas, NV: American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences.
Pirim, T., James, T., Boswell, K., Reithel, B., Barkhi, R. (2008). An Empirical Investigation of an Individual's Perceived Need for Privacy and Security (pp. 42-53). North Carolina: International Journal of Information Privacy and Security.
James, T., Pirim, T., Boswell, K., Reithel, B., Barkhi, R. (2006). Determining the Intention to Use Biometric Devices: An Application and Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model (pp. 1-24). Texas: Journal of Organizational and End User Computing.
Boswell, K., Pirim, T., James, T. (2003). Development of a Measure for Perceived Need for Information Privacy and Perceived Need for Security. Georgia: Decision Sciences Institute.
Reithel, B. J., Hwang, C., Boswell, K. (2000). Strategic Information Technology: Opportunities for Competitive Advantage.
Reithel, B., Robinson, R., Canty, A., Boswell, K. (2000). Restricting Access to Inappropriate Materials From the Internet: Defining First Amendment Issues and Limitations. Southwest Decision Sciences Institute.

Awards & Honors

August 2020 KPMG Outstanding Published Manuscript Award.

Courses Taught



ACCT 3007TECHNOLOGY FOR ACCT, 16 course(s)


ACCT 4020AUDITING, 34 course(s)


BUSN 1001Business And Society, 1 course(s)