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Christopher Blackburn
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Christopher A Blackburn, PhD
Professor, History


Ph D

1996, Early Modern European History
Auburn University


1991, History
Auburn University


1988, History
Auburn University at Montgomery

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Dr. Blackburn received his Bachelor’s from Auburn University at Montgomery and his Master’s and Doctorate from Auburn University.  This is his twentieth year teaching History at The University of Louisiana at Monroe.  He was named the College of Liberal Arts’ Outstanding Professor in 2001 and received the Honors Program’s Outstanding Faculty Award four times during his tenure at ULM.  His primary academic interests include Early Modern Europe, Revolutionary France, and Poland.  Dr. Blackburn’s teaching and research pursuits have been enhanced greatly over the years by generous grants from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, the J. William Fulbright Foundation, The American Council of Learned Societies, The U.S. Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, The Kosciuszko Foundation, and the William R. Hammond Professorship in Liberal Arts.  A specialist in the history of Napoleonic Poland, he is the author of Napoleon and the Szlachta, as well as numerous articles and conference papers on the history of Early Modern Poland.  In recognition of his contributions to the field of History, The International Napoleonic Society and The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America have named him an Academic Fellow within their organizations.

Research Interests

Professor Blackburn is currently working on a history of the recruitment and training of the Polish-American soldiers stationed at Niagara-On-The-Lake (Ontario, Canada) during the First World War.

Recent Publications

Blackburn, C. A. (2015). The Rebirth of Poland: American Humanitarianism after the Great War (pp. 521-539). Krakow, Poland: Studia Historyczne.
Blackburn, C. A. (1998). Napoleon and the Szlachta (pp. 175). Boulder/New York: East European Monographs Columbia University Press.
Blackburn, C. A. (2003). The Polish Peasantry in the Late 18th Century (pp. 118-126). Tallahassee, FL: Consortium on Revolutionary Europe.
Blackburn, C. A. (2005). Marriage, Inheritance, and Family Discord: French Elite and the Transformation of the Polish Szlachta (pp. 2-20). Texas: World History Review.
Cage, B. N., Steckline, C. T., Oliver, P., Cordova, J. L., Blackburn, C. A., McClelland, J. F., Fassett, B. R., Goodwyn, M. Several Short Sections. Provost, Faculty Senate, Deans working with FS Ex. Board on integration of Action Plan into University Strategic Plan.
Blackburn, C. A. (2006). Poland and France: Enlightened Constitutionalism in the Duchy of Warsaw (pp. 133-159). Cluj-Napoca: Argonaut Press.
Blackburn, C. A. (2006). Wars of the French Revolution (1792-1799) (pp. 141-142). Grey House Publishing: The Encyclopedia of POWs and Internment.
Blackburn, C. A. (2006). Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski (pp. 225-226). Grey House Publishing: The Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment.
Blackburn, C. A. (2006). Seven Years War (1756-1763) (pp. 356-357). Grey House Publishing: The Encyclopedia of POWs and Internment.
Blackburn, C. A. (2006). Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) (pp. 281-283). Grey House Publishing: The Encyclopedia of POWs and Internment.
Blackburn, C. A. (2006). Napoleon Bonaparte (pp. 47-48). Grey House Publishing: The Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment.
Blackburn, C. A. Domestic Violence and the Enlightenment: New Perspectives on Spousal Abuse in Eighteenth-Century Poland. San Marcos, Texas: Journal of Research on Women and Gender.
Blackburn, C. A. (2010). Napoleon and Poland (pp. 16-23). Shropshire, England: First Empire: The International Magazine for the Napoleonic Enthusiast, Historian and Gamer.

Research Grants

Blackburn, C. A. (Principal), "Course Development Program for Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia Program" (Not Funded), Sponsored By U.S. Department of Education, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $3000. (2016).
Blackburn, C. A. (Principal), "Research Hub Mini-Grant" (Funded), Sponsored By University of Louisiana at Monroe: College of Arts, Education, and Sciences, The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $300. (2015 - 2016).
Blackburn, C. A. (Principal), "Enlightenment and Revolution" (Not Funded), Sponsored By Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, $69264. (January 15 2010 - August 15 2010).

Awards & Honors

January 2011 ULM Homepage Faculty Feature.

2010 Academic Fellow of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America.

October 2008 Faculty Appreciation.

March 2003 Outstanding Honors Faculty.

March 2002 Outstanding Honors Faculty.

April 2001 Outstanding Professor in the College of Liberal Arts.

November 2000 Outstanding Honors Faculty.

2000 Academic Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society .

March 1999 Outstanding Honors Faculty.

1996 W.C. Bradley Award for Achievement in the Humanities.

1996 Graduate Dean's Award for Excellence.

1994-1995 J. William Fulbright Fellowship.

1993 Pre-dissertation Travel Grant in Eastern European Studies.

1992 Kosciuszko Foundation Domestic Scholarship.

Courses Taught



HIST 2009HONORS HISTORY, 5 course(s)

HIST 3031FRENCH HISTORY, 2 course(s)

HIST 4020THE HOLOCAUST, 8 course(s)


HIST 4079Absolu/Revol 1610-1815, 1 course(s)

HIST 4080Europe, 1815-1890, 1 course(s)

HIST 4087French History, 1 course(s)

HIST 4088REVOLUTIONARY FRANCE,1789-1871, 7 course(s)

HIST 4090EAST CENTRAL EUROPE SINCE 1400, 6 course(s)


HIST 5050Miscellaneous Topics, 2 course(s)


HIST 5099THESIS, 3 course(s)