Site Updates

Here is a list of new changes that have been made on the ticketing system:

  1. You may post your response to a ticket by replying to the email you received from Just remember not to change the email subject and not to attach any files when replying as attachments are currently not supported. If the ticket you sent email reply to has been "Closed", your response won't get posted. You will have to either contact helpdesk at 3333 regarding re-opening the ticket or just submit a new ticket.
  2. If you wish to receive email notification of every response that gets posted on a ticket, you may do so by checking the box "Notify me of future updates on this ticket" on that particular ticket when you update it.
  3. If you wish to receive email notification of every response that gets posted on all tickets in your department(s), you may do so by checking the box "Subscribe to ticket updates" on your account edit page.
  4. By default comment box is displayed on the top followed by newest comment with old ones on the bottom. You may choose to display comments in order they are posted with comment box on the bottom by checking the box "Sort comments in default order" on you account edit page.
  5. Default values for Ticket fields "Availability", "Department", "Building", and "Room" can bet set on your account setting page. Once you set them up, these values will automatically populate every time you create a SOS Ticket.
  6. To provide a better support service, during regular business hours customers submitting tickets to groups other than EMS/Image Now, Moodle/Online Classes, Reporting, Telephone Operation, and Web Development are required to call the call center at #3333 to report their issue.
  7. You can view tickets assigned to you and tickets you created on "My Page" by checking the corresponding checkbox on "My Account" edit page.
  8. Hovering over "Statistics" on Home page displays a chart with activity (comments) for the day per department. Over the chart, these comments will be displayed randomly each for 5 seconds. If hovered over these comments, full comment text will be displayed and the comment will stay as long as hovered. [note: #2 & #3 are available for UCC staff only. #5 & #7 is for UCC staff and student workers only.]
  9. Ticket information from an existing ticket can be copied over to a new ticket form by clicking the "Clone Ticket" button on the existing ticket.