ULM Counseling Summer Workshop

ULM Counseling Summer Workshop

Welcome to the ULM Counseling Summer Workshop!

The Counseling Faculty designed the summer workshop to help students integrate their first-year foundational coursework in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their professional and clinical development. This will prepare students as they begin their second-year clinical coursework, providing them advanced-level conceptualization skills when they begin their Practicum and Internship experiences. Counseling Faculty also designed the workshop to expose students to advanced-level material they will not receive in their coursework. Students will be directed to specific focus groups during the workshop that will address School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health topics that will enrich their clinical training.

The summer workshop is three days, 100% online, and is synchronous. Students will have direct access to Counseling Faculty during the workshop. The workshop must be attended and successfully completed before students will be admitted into Practicum and Internship. Failure to participate in the summer workshop may delay graduation from the program.  

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Registration Deadline: July 1, 2021 




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