Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring

Proctoring of exams from other colleges and institutions

What Is The Proctoring Service?

Local students taking classes or training through other colleges and institutions by correspondence or other long–distance methods often are required to take exams. ULM's Extended Learning/Quality Enhancement Department provides supervision and a secure testing environment for those paper and pencil and computer based exams.

When Can Exams Be Taken?

The Proctoring Service is available by appointment only.

What Kind Of Environment Is Provided?

A testing room is available for pencil–and–paper and computer based exams. Please be aware that one or more students may be making use of the facilities at the same time. ULM testing policy prohibits cell phones, PDAs, audio and photographic devices, digital or beeping watches, large purses or bags, food, or drink at test administrations.

What Arrangements Do I Need to Make?

First, notify your institution that ULM's Extended Learning/Quality Enhancement Department has agreed to proctor your exam. You will probably need to provide them with our contact and mailing information:

The University of Louisiana at Monroe
Extended Learning/Quality Enhancement
700 University Ave., ULIB109
Monroe, LA 71209
Attn: Ida Gaines
318.342.3022 phone
318.342.1451 fax

Your college or institution will then mail your exam or information to us directly. We will notify you once the exam arrives.

What Do I Need To Bring?

You will need some form of photo ID: Driver License, Passport, or Student ID card. You will not be admitted without photo ID. If the exam permits other aids, such as a calculator or notes, you should bring those as well. The Testing Office can provide pencils, pens, and scratch paper if needed. There is also a proctoring fee.

What Is The Fee?

There is a $50.00 fee per exam. You may pay by cash or credit/debit.

What Happens After The Test?

This will depend upon what your college or institution requires. With paper–and–pencil based exams, the Testing Center is usually required to return your exam for you by mail, fax, scan–and–upload, or emailed attachment. Usually you must contact your institution for scores and grades, as the Testing Center does not provide a scoring service.



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