Technical Writing

Technical Writing

This nationally recognized Technical Writing online training program is designed for anyone who wishes to develop their technical writing abilities to a professional level.

This program is geared towards anyone seeking professional career training in technical writing. Within the program, you will learn research methods, audience considerations, various writing styles, drafting and revision techniques, working in a collaborative environment, and more.

This program will also introduce you to a variety of media and formats. You will learn about the different writing standards for websites, emails, proposals, and technical instructions.

This program will improve your understanding and use of written communications, making you an asset in any administrative, management, or technical writer role. Internal and external communications are highly emphasized in many businesses, and employees in a variety of industries rely heavily on written instructions and procedures. This contributes to a strong demand for technical communicators.

As a technical writer, you might be responsible for any of the following job duties in your day to day operations:

  • Assist scientists, engineers, computer specialists, and software developers in managing the flow of information
  • Conduct studies or surveys that will improve the design of a product 
  • Determine how technical information should be delivered in printed and online media 
  • Create operating instructions and procedure manuals
  • Know how to establish common ground with any audience
  • Make any document highly useful to any reader
  • Be able to proof-read and edit a variety of texts

This course will give you the skills, theories, rules, and concepts you need to advance in a technical writing career.

Upon registering, you will be given six months to complete the program.

Prior to completion of the program, you will also learn job hunting and resume writing skills, to help you find gainful employment, in addition to creating your professional writing portfolio with samples of work we've created throughout the program.


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Technical Writing - Career Training Online Course
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