Legal Medical Consultant (LMC)

Legal Medical Consultant (LMC)

Use your medical background to do something new and exciting!

Enhance your personal and workforce value. If you are a medical professional who has a degree, certificate, or license you can learn what it takes to be a legal medical consultant. The knowledge you gain from this course will help position you for job advancement!

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Fee includes textbook, materials and certificate.

Registration is a two-step process:

(1) Pay for the class by clicking on the register button below or call (318) 342-1030.

(2) Fax your application to ULM Continuing Education at (318) 342-1451

                                                               Class Outline
Day 1- Friday
Introduction to Legal Medical Consulting, Understanding the Value of your Medical Education Experience, Legal Terminology, Anatomy of a Lawsuit, Legal Elements Used to Analyze a Case, and Looking at Medical Records from a Legal Perspective.

Day 2- Saturday
Organizing and Summarizing all Medical Records, Theories of Liability and Defenses, Effective Screening of a Case for Validity or Non-Validity, Comprehensive Case Evaluation, Techniques for Report Writing, Detecting Tampering in a Medical Record.

Day 3- Sunday
Medical Internet Research, Determining Type of Expert Needed/Locating Expert Witnesses, Becoming a Successful Legal Medical Consultant, Developing Marketing Techniques, Identifying Billable Time and Maintaining Cash Flow, Hands-On Workshop, Question and Answer Session, and Testing.


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