High School Math Review Bootcamp/ACT Math Prep

High School Math Review Bootcamp/ACT Math Prep

Do you need a math refresher course that reviews concepts such as pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry or trigonometry? Are you prepared for the ACT math exam? We can help!

Register today for the High School Math Review course! This class was designed to assist students with ACT math preparation, but also serves a refresher course for all high school math subjects. Within this class, we will review test problems, solutions, test strategies, etc. and provide valuable resources to help you succeed. This is a rigorous course with demonstrated success in improving  academic performance and increasing ACT math scores.

Benefits include:

  • Review high school math subjects – pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry, and trigonometry
  • Complete timed practice tests and work through problems with solutions
  • Instructors will provide test strategies that have been proven to increase test scores
  • Young Scholars ACT Math curriculum has demonstrated success improving understanding and academic performance in these subjects
  • Class facilitated in a 5 hour class by highly trained staff
  • Participants receive valuable resources to help them succeed

Additional Info:

  • Lunch will be catered by Newks Eatery
  • Must bring notebook, pencils with erasers, and calculator to class
  • Kaplan ACT Math and Science Workbook recommended, ISBN#: 978-1609780586
  • Designed for high school students preparing for the ACT or adults that need a math review
  • Ideal for Ages 15+


Cost: $159


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