Digital Photography for Non-Photographers

Digital Photography for Non-Photographers

Has your boss ever handed you a camera and told you you to take photo at work? Did you cringe when it was posted on social media or the company Web site? Then “Photography for Non-Photographers” is just for you.

Taking great photos requires more than a good eye and a quality camera. It takes a basic understanding of the elements of composition and exposure, as well as an appreciation for your subject. A four-week course that meets two nights each week, “Photography for Non-Photographers” will teach you how to frame your subjects, how to understand and manage lighting and exposure,  how to create stunning photos by manipulating the camera’s depth-of-field, and much more. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to use the basics of Adobe Photoshop to retouch the images you create yourself. You’ll be making your boss and your company/organization look great in no time!

This course is the first course in our Digital Media for Professionals Certification Program.


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