Conversational Chinese with an Introduction to Chinese Culture

Conversational Chinese with an Introduction to Chinese Culture

This course is an introduction to spoken Chinese (Mandarin), the language with the largest number of native speakers around the world.

The goal of this course is to enable students to communicate with native Chinese speakers on daily topics in  the appropriate manner. The relationship between the Chinese language and culture, and the sociolinguistically appropriate use of language will be stressed throughout. Typical class format will include performance of memorized, basic conversations, drills, questions, and various types of communicative exercises.

The objectives of this courses are to (1) master Mandarin Pronunciation, including the recognition and writing of Pinyin Romanization, (2) have the ability to participate in simple and practical conversations on daily topics, and (3) have basic understanding of Chinese culture and appropriate social maner.

Required Textbook:
Basic Spoken Chinese by Cornelius C. Kubler, Tuttle Publishing,
ISBN: 978 0804840156



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