Conferencing Opportunities

Video Conference

The real-time interaction can be point-to-point where participants are in two different locations, or multi-point consisting of at least three or more locations.

The ULM videoconference system is based on a desktop computer utilizing  dedicated bandwidth (384kb) internet.

Videoconference Connections are similar to a person using a telephone to place a call. Once the connection is made, both or more parties can see each other and interact.

Videoconferences are being utilized by universities for educational purposes. At ULM, videoconferencing links the campus with 29 other colleges and universities in Louisiana. The universities share courses as well as degree programs.

It’s also an opportunity for local small or large businesses and organizations to conduct staff meetings, training sessions, conferences, interview, etc.

The Division of Continuing Education at ULM is your one-stop for all your videoconference needs.

It makes economical sense because there are no hotel charges, limited meal charges, and minimal loss of travel time.

A one-time setup fee of $50, plus $200/Hour.

For more information or for facililty rental contact Continuing Education by email at or by phone at 318-342-1030.