Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers

Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers

Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers- ULM901

This program has been developed for those already in the field or those in the downsized IT industry. The Certificate in Technical Writing program is Instructor-Led, meaning you learn from highly qualified industry practitioners and tech writing faculty. Our program has been designed for those who want to enhance existing careers in technical writing or move in a new direction within the corporate workplace.

The is designed for:

  • Those who aspire to develop their technical language and communication skills 
  • Those who need to update their knowledge and skills 
  • Those who need preparation for teaching professional communication 
  • Those who must prepare and deliver training for their companies 
  • Those who aspire to advance in documentation and other technical communication positions 
  •  Those who seek a verifiable Certificate Credential from an accredited university

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For more details about this class go to: http://www.coursecatalog.com/ulm

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Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers
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