Certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Explore the legal and ethical risks healthcare professionals face, including issues related to, medication errors, social media and healthcare, and workplace violence.

(12 contact hours) Healthcare professionals face ethical and legal dilemmas every day of their professional lives. In this certificate, you'll explore the legal and ethical risks that result from factors in the medical industry, including ever-shrinking resources, shorter lengths of stay, high-acuity patients, the availability of more complex information, diverse patient populations, and the use of technology.

The certificate provides an overview of the legal and ethical issues that are common in the world of medical care, including the most current issues arising from scientific and technological advances. You'll examine the legal implications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and consider the issues that arise from on-the-job situations such as medication errors, organ donation, and workplace violence. You'll also explore how the rise of social media has impacted the healthcare industry.

By the end of the program, you'll have a solid grasp of crucial topics in the healthcare industry that are important to anyone working in the medical field.

Program Benefits:

The Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare certificate program offers a multidisciplinary educational experience. Your certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare will distinguish you as a knowledgeable, skilled, and committed professional. This program will:

  • enhance your professional marketability;
  • build your skills and competencies;
  • fulfill continuing education requirements for many professionals

Career Opportunities:

The Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare certificate program provides health care professionals and interested individuals in a wide range of careers with the knowledge and skills to effectively meet the needs of a culturally diverse patient and client population. Today, opportunities exist in the fields of nursing, social work, massage therapy, teaching, hospice care, administration, and research. Opportunities also exist within government programs and agencies; public and private institutions that provide health, education, and social services; research centers; special interest groups; colleges and universities; and corporate human resources divisions.


This certificate is relevant for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed vocational nurses, practical nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, occupational therapists, recreation therapists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, administrators, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, dieticians, educators, personal care assistants, volunteers, physicians, physician's assistants, chiropractors, clergy, physical fitness professionals, and interested individuals.


Note:  All healthcare providers are responsible for checking the "Accreditation" list to determine if this course awards contact hours for their profession.


The Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare certificate program consists of a total of 8 courses:

  1. Legal Issues in Healthcare
  2. Ethical Foundations in Healthcare
  3. Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare
  4. HIPAA and Patient Privacy
  5. Medication Errors
  6. Social Media and Healthcare
  7. Organ and Tissue Donation and Recovery
  8. Workplace Violence in Healthcare


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