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Dear Colleagues Letter of 11/1/2013

Dear Colleagues:

Starting in January 2014, ULM’s academic colleges will be restructured into the Colleges of Arts, Education and Sciences; Business and Social Sciences; and Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Each college will have schools to perform administrative duties and to encourage collaboration and innovation.  Furthermore, the Graduate School will remain independent of all colleges.  Details about the revised college structure are provided at the end of the message but please read on for additional information.

Blog posting for June 23, 2013

Academic Affairs Blog for 2013.06.23

Unfortunately, we still do not know our budget for 2013-14.  The governor has not signed the budget bill yet, and I believe that is holding up actions by the Board of Regents and the University of Louisiana System.  Dr. Bruno met with ULS President Dr. Sandra Woodley last week and she told him that the System was going to meet on Thursday of this week to discuss the budget.  Perhaps we will know more next week.

Blog posting for June 9, 2013

Academic Affairs Blog Posting 2013.06.09

Blog posting for May 26, 2013

Academic Affairs Blog, 2013.05.26

Blog posting for May 12, 2013

Academic Affairs Blog Entry 2013.05.12

I'll keep this one short.

The Louisiana House has produced a budget plan that replaces the Overcollection funds in the proposed Executive Budget for FY 2014 with more reliable sources of revenue.  This is good news and, if all goes well, we won't face the worse case scenarios that have been possible up to this point.  I just wish we could say that more funds were headed our way.  We will keep an eye on what happens in Baton Rouge and let you know what develops.


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