Association of Students in Kinesiology

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Ashley Day
(318) 503-0319

This organization is designed to provide practical learning experiences, as well as professional development, to students preparing for careers in physical education (PK-12), health, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise physiology, coaching, physical therapy, and more. We strive to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. ASK is open to all majors and non-majors.


A.S.K encourages the student to live a healthy lifestyle while participating in various community and campus activities.

Membership Requirements: 

To remain in good standing, each member of ASK is required to participate in one ASK event and one ASK meeting per year (August-May). Participating in additional events will put you in great standing, which could result in you becoming a future officer! Failure to provide proof of attendance at required events may result in: denial for letters of recommendation upon graduation, failure to be eligible for departmental awards, or inability to run for a future officer position.

Department of Kinesiology
RSO Advisors

Faculty/Staff Advisor(s):

  • Matt Lovett
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